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Bébé Shih Tzu

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Avez vous deja entendu parler de Shih Tzu? Des animaux de compagnie soi disant. Moi jamais, c'est nouveau ça, mais c'est vrai qu'ils sont pas mal mimi. Bref! Il s'agit la d'un jeu de coloriage dans lequel vous devrez donner vie a ce bébé Shih Tzu dans un parc. A vous de jouer.

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2 réponses à “Bébé Shih Tzu”

  1. Jack dit :

    Dear Michelle,You are an inspiration. I wahtced you today on GTV on topic: Infidelity; your views were so pertinent and insightful that glued to my set, I forgot the time.I was amazed and I decided to do some research and know more about you. I have to admit, it was my first time seeing you. Maybe I have seen you before and I can’t recollect, but this morning I saw you and I don’t think I can ever forget your amazing display of wisdom.I wish you receive this message; because I also left a country that was dear to my heart to settle in Ghana. I left comfort and family and sometimes despite the peace and joy I find here, I feel somehow lost. By reading your blog, I understood today that what creates that feeling is Lot’s wife attitude; I look behind so often that it paralyzes me and stops me from appreciating all those other things that have made so much difference in my self-realization the things that have brought me so much happiness and real peace of mind.Thank you for awakening me about valuing today’s grace of God and not dwelling in the past.Josiane.

  2. beney elena dit :

    St les filles pour moi ce jeux est bof sinon je recherche des amis alors voilà

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